Feature Request: Tracking Task to Window's Taskbar

I request a feature: Tracking Task to Window’s Taskbar

As you can see this image above, move tracking task to Window’s Taskbar is very very convenient to tracking time, task without use Always On Top( it is hide when i’m use Window+D), and not take a slot on my screen.
You can see my screenshot, i already have a addons call TrafficMonitor (GitHub - zhongyang219/TrafficMonitor: 这是一个用于显示当前网速、CPU及内存利用率的桌面悬浮窗软件,并支持任务栏显示,支持更换皮肤。)
It show on my taskbar for network speed.

Really want this feature include in Clockify Window App.


Hello, Yungsoo, and welcome to the forum!

I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with a feature suggestion. I will gladly forward it to our product team for consideration. Cheers!

Thank you, hope this feature will be add soon. :innocent:

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