Feature Request: Time track directly from TimeSheet

Just adding a “play” button for each project/task defined at the Timesheet.

  • It would start the time tracking for the current day and time.
  • The project/task name and info would be the same as the project/task where we pressed “play”.

The “play” button could be next to project/task name or by the current day fields:

Now I can schedule tasks for my team for the whole week. But they have to go to TimeTracker section, search for the exact project/task I added to them, check they found the right one and start tracking.
I just want them to go to Timesheet section and start tracking the one they are working with.

PS: Being able to sort projects/tasks would be really really useful. Your TimeTracker would become a great task manager… just saying… :wink:

Hi there,

We currently don’t have plans to change the Timesheet mode as it is designed to be a quick way of adding the time at the end of a day or week.
But thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. Cheers!