Feature Request:Subtasks/Project Nesting

This is useful for many reasons.

In my case, I can, break up larger projects into small ones;
Assignment 1 turns into:

First Draft
Final Draft

For now I can break each of the subtasks into projects, but it is visually difficult to view and can get very messy

Thanks for sending us your suggestion, there are currently no plans for adding the subtask option, but your idea has been noted down.
Perhaps you could try using tags as another independent category, and add them to time entries.

Hi, I’d be keen to see a subtask / task hierarchy feature. Our time is broken down as:

Client > SOW > Service > Task and typically this works out neatly in time recording software as Client > Project > Task > Sub-task.

To use Clockify we’d need to set up each service as a project, making it difficult to analyse the overall SoW.