Feature request: search in Time entries window Android app

I would like to have a search bar in the Time entries window filtering for tasks.
Just like the search in the Tasks window.

Hi, Hulla! Thank you for sharing this.

Can you please be more specific about your needs? Where that filter should be? On the Time tracker page or some report?

Can you send us an image where this search bar should be positioned?

Well new users cant upload pictures.
Why do I need this?
Doing a lot of task and I get interrupted a lot. Then I want to continue a task but its hard to find among many other tasks on the Time entries page. So I have to click on + floating icon choose the project then use the search bar and add a task.
It would be much faster to filter the past tasks.
Btw the + floating icon window should select the last used task by default. I do lot of task for the same project and rarely changing projects.

Hi, Hulla! Thank you for the explanation!

We are currently working on an auto-complete feature that will soon be released. With this feature, you will be able to filter past time entries by description, project, client, task or tag and to select the one you want to start the timer for.

I hope this will be helpful to you!