Feature request: Scheduling & Todos

I’m looking forward what the upcoming feature ‘Scheduling’ will offer. It looks promising, but I wonder if it will really fit my expectations.

Clockify is great, but one thing that I’ve found weak so far is its capabilities of planning, scheduling etc. - simply said, its means of managing the future, not only the past and the present.

The only way so far how one can handle future time entries (to my knowledge) is to add a manual entry into the future. However, it is quite unsatisfactory, because there is no reminder when the time of such “scheduled” time entry comes. Also, there is no intuitive way how to use such “scheduled” time entry along with time tracking, it can be only duplicated to another time-tracked entry (using the “Continue timer for this activity”), and the “scheduled” one then should be manually deleted. If you forget to delete it, the unintended “tracked time” stays there.

If you plan something, it can be that you only need a start time and actually do not require an end (or duration) time. Nevertheless, sometimes you don’t even need the start time - you can have some TODO, possibly with a milestone, which does not have precisely defined when it should be done - only somewhere before the milestone, somewhere during the month, etc. It is then important that it can be reminded in certain times, and finally can be marked as ‘Done’. This is possible with tasks, but the other TODO-like features that I mentioned are missing.

I also consider a great thing if a scheduled entry can be easily postponed with just a few clicks. You are reminded a work but realize that you are too busy today - so you just postpone it to tomorrow.

As for timesheets, it is nice that you can use templates and easily fill time entries, but it still lacks the things that I mentioned with the manual entries.

Looking forward the scheduling, thank you!