Feature Request: Payments integration for Invoices module

Since there are now invoices in Clockify, it would be great if you could connect Stripe or similar to accept payments on the invoices and automatically track what’s outstanding. Ideally this would include stripe ACH, not just credit cards, since consulting businesses (likely many of Clockify’s customers who need this) have large invoices and often don’t accept credit card payments.

Hello there,

Thank you for your input! I agree that this is a fantastic idea, and I can see how it would benefit our users who use our invoicing feature because they wouldn’t have to rely on third-party software to complete the payments. I will make sure to forward your suggestion to the product team for consideration; I can’t say when or if it will be developed, but we greatly appreciate your suggestion! Cheers!

This would be really helpful for freelancers. In fact, it would be a reason to upgrade for me. Instead of upgrading for the invoice feature I am opting to manually create Stripe Invoices based on my tracked time. If I had a way to automatically create stripe invoices or accept payments through Clockify I would definitely upgrade for that.

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Thank you for your feedback, Emmett!

I completely agree with you. Having everything in one app would eliminate the need for third-party payment apps. I will forward your suggestion, and I hope that we can consider it in the future. However, I am aware that there may be some technical limitations since it is a significant feature that could be challenging to develop. Nonetheless, I remain optimistic that it will be added as an addition to the invoicing feature in the foreseeable future.