Feature request: markdown OR URL support for time entry

Hello guys,

First congrats for the top tier service - you’ve nailed it.
I’m thinking about a feature which could make the community really happy and it doesn’t sound as something extremely hard to implement. Clockify shines with its integrations and reports. It really helps making customers happy with transparent work reports and/or doing internal analysis on company/personal work.

One thing which might bring this to another level is to allow link(s) to be captured in the time entry itself. It’s invaluable for developers (but not limited to) who track their work on e.g. github, gitlab (or custom gitlab) issue trackers. This would essentially map the time entry to real piece of work - think of the information available in a github issue/PR (commits, discussions, participants).

Let me give you a real life example. When I use the github browser integration the following entry is created:
#2692 3.0: nunjucks helpers not found inside of a macro
Here are 2 ways IMHO to make things better

Implementation 1
Markdown support for the time entry description. The github integration (or manual entry) would then format it like this:

[#2692 3.0: nunjucks helpers not found inside of a macro](https://github.com/apostrophecms/apostrophe/issues/2692)

which will result in #2692 3.0: nunjucks helpers not found inside of a macro shown on reports and in all kind of preview screens of the time entry.
The browser integration could introduce capture link setting, disabled by default for backward compatibility.
Pros: Easy to implement
Cons: Introduce runtime parsing which might hit performance in various places

Implementation 2
Additional URL field for time entry. Nothing much to add here - just optional URL field shown when time entry is rendered. Similar to above, browser integration setting might be introduced to capture links, disabled by default.
Pros: No performance hit, structured data will be recorded
Cons: Introduce additional model/implementation complexity

That’s all from me. Thanks for your time and stay safe.

Hi Miro!

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us!

I can definitely see why that feature would be useful and appreciate you taking the time to send us your idea. It does sound interesting. Currently, we don’t have such change in mind but I noted it down and if other users suggest similar request, we’ll definitely take it into consideration.

If there is anything else, feel free to reach out to support@clockify.me.