Feature Request: Manual Re-arranging of Tasks

Like digital task managers, I feel it would be a big plus for Clockify to allow users to manually re-arrange task order, especially considering we don’t have sub/parent tasks at this time.

In the meantime, for myself I have tried ordering tasks 1. Parent task, 1.1. Subtask 1. 2. Subtask 2, etc, etc. and that doesn’t seem to work

Hi Mina,

It’s possible to rearrange tasks by adding (1) or 1 in from of the task name and once you refresh the page, the order should be as you arranged them.
However, this will only work if the number of tasks is less than 10 since the first character counts only.

So just to confirm, 1. Test, 1.1 Sub-test, would not work, correct?

This should also work. After refreshing the page, this is how it looks like.

Padding task numbers with zeros would enable users to order more than 10 tasks: