Feature Request: Integration of Time Off Tracking in Weekly Dashboard Overview

Dear Clockify Team,
I am writing to suggest a potential enhancement to your dashboard functionality that could significantly streamline managerial tasks in organizations like ours.
We propose the integration of “Time Off” tracking into the weekly dashboard overview. This addition would allow managers to see, at a glance, not only the hours worked by each team member but also any time off taken within the same period. The goal is for the sum of worked hours plus time off to always correspond to a standard 40-hour week, except during vacation periods.

This feature would offer several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Managers can quickly ascertain if employees are adhering to their scheduled hours and promptly address any discrepancies.
  2. Streamlined Record-Keeping: Combining work hours and time off in one view simplifies the process of maintaining accurate and comprehensive records.
  3. Efficiency in Planning: Understanding how time off impacts weekly hours at a glance aids in more effective team and project planning.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.
Warm regards,

Francesco Canovi

Good idea! It would also be great to have the “Time Off” to integrate with the timesheet such that an e.g. half day, shows as 4 hours against a time off task, to save the user from putting in thier timesheet to, in order to get PTO. If that makes sense…

Hello there,

Appreciate you using the Clockify Forum and thank you for the suggestions!

I’ll make sure to fill out a feature request form and forward the feedback over to the Product team.