Feature Request: Hide clients and projects in reports

If I allow regular users to export their data via reports (which seems to be the only available option to do so), the automatically are able to see all clients and projects in the workspace, even if they are set to private. I know that I can hide the entries from other users but the clients and projects still appear on the filter option. I would like the project and clients to be fully private, not only private as in “not being able to track on the project” - is there anything that I am missing here or is thought that way?

Hi Linn, welcome to Clockify forum!

Making a project private/public refers to who can track time on that project (who can select it in the project picker when tracking time).
But, you can hide the Projects page completely and hide users’ entries so that they can only see their own time in Reports. Then, in the project filter as long as the projects are private, they will be able to see only projects they were added to and the time on the projects they track time on. Also, they will be able to see only clients these projects belong to.

You will find more information on these extra features here: Hiding Pages and Hide time from users.