Feature Request / fast task in project creation

For now, I have to open the ‘Projects’ tab, then, I open some specific project, and then I should enter the desired name for a task. Summarizing, I have to make 3 actions instead of just 1, i.e. open-open-create, instead of just create.

I noticed that you have such functionality inside a time tracker, but it creates a new project with a new task every time.

It would be better to change default behavior to the following: «when the user enters ‘111@MyHorse’, he or she wants to create a task called ‘111’ inside the ‘MyHorse’ project. If the project ‘MyHorse’ does not exist, then it will be created. If the project ‘MyHorse’ exists, it is suggested to a user to create a new project called ‘MyHorse’ too».

Thus, ‘111@MyHorse’ would try to create a task called ‘111’ inside already existing ‘MyHorse’ project, but will also suggest to create new project with that task. If user does not have ‘MyHorse’ project, then it will be created.