Feature request: Default workspace for each device

I have 2 different workspaces I use on Clockify: one for my job & a separate one for my personal projects.

I only use my “job workspace” on my work laptop, and I only use my “personal workspace” on my phone. It seems like Clockify opens the last workspace the account used, rather than the last workspace the device used. (Even if I leave the browser window open, leave the app open, etc.)

Most days I do a little on each workspace, and I’m finding it frustrating to switch workspaces constantly. (Especially for the “personal workspace,” right now it’s stuff like yard work & I just want to quickly open the app to start/pause & then put my gloves back on.)

I’d like to either set a “default workspace” for each device, OR have each device remember the last workspace it opened (rather than opening the last workspace the account used).

Thank you for listening/reading! :blush:

Thanks for reaching out @kittyburrite and welcome to Clockify Forum!

I understand your workflow here and I will gladly submit a feature request form for our Product team on your behalf.

However, I wanted to provide you with a possible solution for this use case. If I understood correctly, you’re using your job workspace on your laptop, and personal workspace on your mobile app. Thus, I would advise to create additional account with a different email address where you can keep one open on your laptop and the second one on your phone.

Perhaps this could help until we have some setting to manage default workspaces across your devices.