Feature Request: Custom colour for projects

For some reason, I’m running out of colours for the projects I am creating, since there are only a couple of pre-defined colours. Also, sometimes I cannot find my desired colour among the provided pallet.
Please add the option for choosing customized colours for projects.

Hi @Negin_Abadani, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Kindly note that you can set up custom colours on projects. When you create a new project and click on the colour, at the bottom of the colour picker, you can find ‘Custom colour’ text and the colour you chose for the project. You can either click on the text or on the colour and you will be able to choose custom colour for your project.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Aleksandar_Krstic , thanks for your help.

I mostly use the mobile app, which doesn’t include this option, so I thought the web version didn’t have it either! However, I wish the mobile app also had this functionality since it’s a bit of a hassle going back and forth to the web version…

Hi @Negin_Abadani, thanks for the explanation.

I can see how this can be useful for you. I noted down your suggestion and I will let you know if we decide to move forward with this feature.

Have a nice day!