Feature request: Client dropdown in Jira integration

We group projects by client and have duplicate project names across clients. When we start a timer in Jira using the Clockify integration, it only offers a list of projects to associate the record with. As we have duplicate project names, we can’t see which client the project belongs to! Could we get an optional top level dropdown to select client first?

Hi and welcome to Clockify Forum!

I see why having the client name at the top would be useful in this case. And we will note your suggestion down.
Currently, perhaps what could help is to use tags for your clients instead of creating duplicate project names for each client.
However, you would need to add a tag to each entry since tags are independent entities and are not restricted to specific projects.


Thanks Jane! For now, we’ve added the client’s name as a prefix to the project name (“client - development”) so we can select the appropriate project.

Anytime! Hope it will help.