Feature Request: Android App Icon Shortcut Action

if you long press an App icon in Android there can be up to 4 (?) app actions triggered from that pop-up menu.
App shortcuts overview | Android Developers

It would be great if the Clockify App would have an Action there that is similar to the 2x2 widget. Basically an action to start the timer, and maybe a second one to stop it.

A huge advantage of this would be that on Samsung Phones such actions automatically show up in Bixby Modes & Routines, so we could assign that action to a Bixby Routine trigger like a physical button on the phone. Like Double click volume up to start the timer and double click volume down to stop it. Or triggering it when we get to a location, are in a specific WiFi, Scan a NFC Tag, receive or do a phone call etc.

This wouldn’t require any special development for the submarket of Samsung phones because the Samsung app makes use of the Standard App Actions linked above, but it would be a fairly simple development step that would add a ton of trigger options - especially for Samsung Phone users.