Fast project, task, and tag entry in the task description field

One thing which keeps me away from using Clockify continuously is the overhead of defining the project, task and tags by mouse clicks separately from the task description field.

There must be a way to describe all these information in the task description field with some special character formatting. An entry such as “my_Description @my_project1 $my_task #my_tag1 #my_tag2 %%my_category” in the Task Description field could be parsed easily. It would be nice (and somehow expected) to have drop-down autocompletion options for the entries. I have started looking for this feature maybe 5 times, but I have not found anything like this.

Is something like that feasible with the current version? If not could you consider it as a feature request for future releases?


Thank you for taking the time to provide us with such detailed feedback! While we do not have the feature you’re looking for currently, I’ll make sure to forward this as a feature suggestion to our product team for consideration, since I do agree that this would be a useful addition to the app.


I’ve just realized, that toggl had it ages ago, and probably that’s why I was looking for it in time tracking apps since then.

I’d just like to add +1 to this or any innovation which allows me to provide my colleagues with a single string or link which will fill in all of the required fields for a Clockify entry. I’d like to reduce ‘drag’ on time tracking as much as possible.