Extra Paid Amounts

My company pays people for hours worked but also pays additional flat dollar amounts to employees for certain reasons. For example, employees who participate in certain offsite client meetings get a flat fee for each meeting. Also, employees may report travel expenses like meals and mileage not covered by the hourly wage. Is there a way to track these additional dollar amounts in Clockify?

You can track additional expenses and mileage with the Custom Fields feature. This allows you to add additional fields to each time entry to track things that aren’t normally covered in Clockify.

Then users can type in the mileage, expenses, etc. when they create their time entries and you can deal with this separately in Excel.

Here’s a helpful article on Custom Fields if you’d like to check it out.

The custom fields are only available at the Enterprise price level, correct?

That is correct, they are only available on the Enterprise plan. You can activate your 7-day trial period if you’d like to try the custom field feature.