Extension not working in JIRA?

Has something changed? (In JIRA, or Clockify extension?)

Starting this morning when I used the “start timer” linked embedded in JIRA tickets the extension would not pick up the project name or slug. After a reboot I’m no longer getting the “start timer” link in JIRA tickets.

Update: we use both Service Desk (classic JIRA project) and Kanban (also a classic project) and the “Start timer” hook-in is still there in the Kanban project, but not in the Service Desk project.

Update 2: I’ve worked out the difference. The hook-in doesn’t show when you’re viewing the ticket in the queue, but if you open the ticket directly then it does.

Example URLs:
This does not show the hook-in: /jira/servicedesk/projects/ESD/queues/custom/45/ESD-6801
The does show the hook-in: /browse/ESD-6801

If the hook-in can be added to the queue-view of an item that would be helpful.


Hi Charles,

Please note that such issues and bug reports should not be posted in this category or forum.

Instead, we suggest you contact us at support@clockify.me where our support team will be able to look into this more thoroughly and take note if there are any problems.

Thank you for understanding!