Edit working days in Profile


I was wondering if changing the working days in a user’s profile also works retro-actively?

In other words, is the updated working schedule valid starting the day the changes were made, or also for the entire working history of the user?
Naturally, I would expect the change does not affect hours/days in the past, but I wanted to be sure. This is of course important to make sure the amount of overtime remains correct.

Thanks for the feedback.


Hello @bvdaele, thank you for using Clockify, and our forum!

When the working days within a week are changed, that change will be applied retroactively, I’m afraid.

I do see how this isn’t an ideal solution and will relay the feedback and add this as a feature suggestion to our product team, to consider changing in the future.


Hi @Uros ,
Thanks for the confirmation. I already figured as much from the reports I extracted.
It would be a very good enhancement indeed to be able to indicate start and end times of a new working regime of a user.
Looking forward to learn when this may become available.

Hi all,

I second this! Furthermore, usually with changing the working regime also the team member can claim more days time off thus having a different time off policy. Currently the situation is that a change in the time off policy is also applied retroactively resulting in corrupt attendance reports for the past! This is very annoying.

Best regards,