Easy to switch between projects and tasks

Hello guys,

I would like to propose new functionality!
I quite often switch between different tasks on the same project or even different projects and right now the only way to do this is to:

  1. open the application from the menu
  2. stop the current timer
  3. start the new timer
  4. switch the project and switch the task
    For me, this is quite a long procedure, especially when I need to do it multiple times per day!

I would like to propose having some options in the context menu, so next to Right Click → Bring to front, Start timer, Continue latest, Discard timer, and Quit to have option something like “Projects” and under this all my projects and under each of the projects all the tasks?
So clicking on the task under the project would stop the current running timer (in case exists) and start a new one with the project/task which was selected.

Would this be something achievable?

Best regards,

Hello Simon,

Appreciate the suggestion and the feedback!

I will gladly forward this suggestion to our Product team if you would like so they can consider it for future upgrades of Clockify.


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