Durations no longer show after latest update to Mac app

I just updated the Mac app and I think the behaviour of displaying the time for each entry has changed.

I used to be able to look at the desktop app and the duration for each entry was aways shown next the each entry, however now if the description is longer than the width of the window it hides the duration to show a little more of the description.

This is not very useful for trying to quickly look at the time tracked for each entry to see if they look correct.

Hello Ned,

Thank you for using Clockify Forum!

Kindly note that this issue has been forwarded to the Dev team for investigation, they are already working on the resolution.

The ETA on this is next week, so you can expect this to be resolved by the Team.


Awesome! Not a big deal, just thought I would mention that it was annoying for me. Sorry if I missed a post about this somewhere else…

Cheers, Ned.

As soon as the Team finishes the investigation I will reach out to provide an update.

Wish you a nice weekend!