Does time entry import trigger timesheet approval?

I’ve imported the time sheet entries using the import function. Should this trigger approval workflow?

It doesn’t seem to be working.

Hello Matt,

Kindly note that if you import the entries, they will not be submitted for approval or be approved automatically.

You can manually submit/approve them once they are imported.

If you face any issues regarding that, please reach us at and we will gladly troubleshoot with you further.

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Thanks for the reply. Can admin manually submit it centrally if loaded for multiple users? Or only by logging in via each user’s login?

You are welcome Matt!

Yes, admins will be able to submit the timesheets for the other users in that case as well.


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What are the steps for the admin to submit for approval? I am logged in as admin, viewing the timesheet, but can’t see any option to submit for approval.

See screenshot.

Hi Matt,

If you would like to submit a timesheet for other users that can be done from the Approvals page under the “Unsubmitted” tab. Kindly find the attached screenshot below


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That works - great! Thank you! :slight_smile:

For future product development it would be good to have a parameter in the import file to determine whether it should import and submit for approval at same time or stay unsubmitted. I’ve submitted this suggestion via the portal.