Determining the rate that was applied to a time entry


The time entry api does not return a rate that was applied to a particular time entry, how doe we determine what the rate was for a specific entry?


Hi Patug,

At the moment, none of the Time entry endpoints are showing the rate, but you can find the rates when pulling the Detailed report.

I will check in with the team if there are any plans on adding the rates in the Time entry endpoints in the future, and will update you.


We are trying to create a bespoke report for projects showing time entries and the rates that were applied over its lifetime.

E.g. year 2021-22 rate $10 … year 2022-23 rate $15 year 2023-24 rate $20.

We can see the rates applied when the detailed report is exported to a csv, however we need that via an API.

Is there any way we can see the rates that were applied to time entries at any particular point in time via an API call.