Detailed report less readable

Hi, I think Detailed Report changed between yesterday and today? I am now seeing a much larger box for each time entry, and have to click on a drop down to access the date. This is different from the Detailed Report screen up till now (I’ve been using it for a couple months); before, each time entry was on a single line, and included the date.

I do a lot of checking on our Detailed Report screens, so I need something that I can read through really quickly, and also that contains the date. Is there a way to go back to the version that we had before now? It was much easier than this version.

Hi Nick!

Yes, we updated the Detailed report recently. This page wasn’t previously responsive for smaller screens, so it looked really scrambled on a smaller resolution.

With larger screen sizes there is no dropdown for time entries, you can see it whole.

Currently, the breakpoint for getting the responsive version of the Detailed report is at 1365px.

We do have in mind to improve this and change this breakpoint to something less than 1365px so more screens will be able to see the full view.

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Hey Jovanna,

Thanks so much for your response! I changed the resolution of my screen and now it is fully readable; thanks! I do hope, though, that Clockify can work on a lower resolution soon, though, since it’s a little annoying to switch back and forth from regular settings to the 1365. Still, thank you for letting me know! This will work for now!


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