Default Tags per project - Feature Request

Hi there,

I love Clockify and I have been using it for about a year now. I use tags to differentiate between what kind of task I am doing (studying, programming, writing, e-mails etc.) and I use projects for each topic that I am working on (different class subjects, programming projects etc.). As I am tagging each time entry of studying-related projects with a “studying” tag and ALMOST each time entry of programming-related projects with a “programming” tag (only occasionally “meeting” or “email” tags), it would be great if I could assign specific ‘default tags’ to each project! That way I wouldn’t have to choose the “studying” tag for my university-projects and would only occasionally have to change the tags for any programming-related projects manually.

Current alternatives:
-> This is basically what the “continue button” in the time entry tab does already each time I want to continue a previous time entry. It automatically copies all tags and the description. BUT I can’t use this when I want to continue to work on a project that I haven’t worked on in a while (as it’s not in my recent time entries).
-> The “continue button” also currently does NOT work in the same way in your Clockify IOS App WIDGET, which I love to use (this might be a bug? If so, please fix it :slight_smile:). The continue button in the widget copies the correct project but it does not copy the tags…
-> I can’t use tasks instead as I want to universally know how much “programming” or “studying” I did. Tasks are meant to be project-specific.
-> I also can’t use Clients in the same way. I do use “University” as client for all my studying-related projects but the clients differ for all programming-related projects.

-> A simple option in the Project settings tab where you could choose one or several default tags for a project would do the job!
-> Once I choose a project in the time entry tab it would automatically add these tags to the current time entry.

I can also imagine this to be very useful for a lot of other users that have projects which mostly consist of one area of work / tag! And it would be such a minor feature that it is really easy to implement and wouldn’t change the workflow of current users!

Thanks for considering it and I can’t wait to hear your replies :slight_smile:.

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Hi Matthias! Thank you for writing in!

I can totally see how this would be useful. While there are no plans to add an option to choose one or several default tags per project, we plan to add a Custom field feature in a couple of weeks. This means you could add an extra field and use it as a tag and set a default value for it. Plus, you could specify it for each project then when you select this project when tracking time it will automatically have the value for this field already set.

That should solve your troubles :slight_smile:

Hi Jovana, that sounds great! So will I be able to Filter my summary reports and time entries based on these custom fields as well? And is this feature going to be available in the free version too?

Thank you for your help! The custom field feature will definitely make time tracking much more powerful than what it already is!

Yes, it will be possible to filter custom fields in the reports in the future, just not as soon as we launch it (since it will have to wait until we refactor the Reports page).

Unfortunately, the custom fields feature will only be available on the Enterprise plan.

We are new Clocky users but I really do miss that feature. We use tags to classify our hours types - project, proposal, R&D, admin, leave, etc. I don’t understand why it should not be very easy to keep these tags selectable, but have one tag per project code ticked by default. Or how do others do it?

I am also concerned to see how many features are now all driven towards the enterprise solution. Hope there is not a move to completely starve all other levels. Note: We are a premium user.

Adding default tags would be really useful per project, or per client. I have certain clients that have different support agreements that mean the way they are billed is different. Would be good to automatically tag them as such. Thanks

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This would really improve our users’ workflow as well.