Default Project

Hi there!

I’m using the free version for tracking personal projects and studying. Hence, I only ever use one project called “Todo”. I use trello too and that’s what the board is called, I have everything in it and do not want to divide things into multiple boards.

I would wish for a way to set up a default project. Currently, whenever I start a task from somewhere else than trello, ie. from the top of a google sheet/doc I’m working on, I need to separately choose the todo project for them to be able to save the log in question.

Or is this already an option in the paid version?

Thanks in advance,

  • Teemu

Hi Teemu!

Welcome to the Clockify forum :slight_smile:

Our browser extension actually has a default project feature so you can set up your default project in the settings and if you track time via any of our integrations (trello, gsuite, etc.) it will select this project automatically.

Here’s are more detailed instructions.
The best of all, it’s available on the free version!

This seems like a forced feature, we don’t have to install additional extension in our browser to have this simple functionality.