Default billable rate not updating for tasks without projects

(browser app) When changing the billable rate for a Workspace — which I understand also sets the default billable rate when there is no designated project or task for a tracked entry — the billable rate for any time tracked without an assigned task or project is not also updated, regardless of the “start date” set when changing the rate.


When changing the rate on an older entries, the Historical rates should do the trick, if you are on any of our paid plans.

However, if you are on the Free plan, going to the Detailed report and resetting the billability manually by clicking on the $ icon to turn it off, then clicking again to turn it on should do the trick.

Hope this helps!

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the issue. I’m on a paid plan and using the Historical Rates to set an updated Workspace rate effective 2023-03-31 and onwards.

This doesn’t seem to be having any effect and even new entries without a designated project are showing up at the older rate.

Gonna try to share a couple screenshots to illustrate.

Thank you for sharing the screenshots with us!

Based on the screenshots, we can see that you are utilizing the workspace billable rate.
However, Clockify provides additional options for billable rates, such as Team member, Project, Project member, and Task rates, in addition to the workspace rate. Therefore, kindly verify if you have set any other billable rate besides the workspace rate.

For more information on rates, please refer to this link.



That was the info I was missing. I was overlooking the Team member rate, which was taking precedence over the Workspace rate. Just as it was designed.

Thanks for clearing that up.

No problem!

I’m glad I was able to help.