Day Over Run time

If I forget to stop the clock on a task then the next day it show a huge amount of time. So I should be able to edit the finish time to the time I finished the previous day.
eg if I start work at 9am Monday but forget to stop the clock then next day it’s showing 24+ hours for the day. If I then edit the 9:30 finish for 17:00 it adds more time on rather than correcting it to 8 hours. The date picker only works for the start day and you can’t set it for the finish day.

The only way I’ve found is to delete it and recreate.

Is there a way to edit the finish date as well as time?



Welcome to Clockify forum.
When an entry exedes 24 hours you can edit the duration field to get it down to the actuall time that you worked rather than deleting or recreating it.

Editing the start/end time works best if the entry is under 24 hours.
Currently we do not have the ability to add the end date of the time entry. All entries are submited to one date regardless of duration.
I will share your suggestions with the developers so that they can consider them for future updates,