Dashboard showing number of occurrences in a week


I am using the tool in a bit a stretched way, I don’t need to track billable hours but monitor the time spent in different activities (end-user meetings, webinars, partner meetings etc).
For this I am using Projects and Tags as a matrix where Projects are my activities and Tags represent action that may apply to multiple activities (f.i. “create content” can apply to different type of meetings).

I have 3 questions if someone is kind to help me:

  1. is this is the best setup to achieve what I need?
  2. can I remove entirely any reference to billable hours as we don’t use that concept?
  3. is there a way to show on the dasboard the number of occurrence rather than the consolidated time per Project? To clarify with an example, the default is to show the total time spent doing “End-user meetings” (in my example) but what if I want the overall number of “End-User meetings” a certain user had in a week?

thanks in advance

Hi there!

  1. If you’d like to track time on different types of meetings that happen frequently then it is a good idea to set them up as projects so you can always select them when tracking time. Using tags for multiple activities that can happen across projects is also what we would recommend because of their flexibility.

  2. Currently there is no way to completely remove billability but we have in mind to build an option to remove Billing in the UI in the future.

  3. The Dashboard or Reports won’t show the number of occurrences but this information can be found in the exported Detailed report by creating a pivot table that would count the number of time entries created on the specific project.