Daily work capacity is not visible in User structure

I need to get the “daily work capacity” in USER API structure.

Is there any way to get it?


Hi there, thank you for leaving your comment.
Please note that if you need to see how much time your users added, you should use our reports. Here is our API reports documentation.

I hope that helps and thank you so much for taking the time to share with us what is you’re looking for from our app.

Hi Sara, thanks for your reply!

I need to get the “daily work capacity” value from the user profile via API response.

In clockify was configured in user profile screen:


Hi again,

Thank you for reaching back.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. Please note that I have already forwarded this to our Product team so they can review it for future updates.

Hope this helps a bit at least. Cheers!

@Sara We are also in need of the “daily work capacity” field on the /users request.

Is there any way you can prioritize this?

Best regards,

@Sara Are there any updates on the “daily work capacity” field?

We also need it for our Clockify customers, so it would be very helpful if we could get any indication on when it could be come available?

Hi @Karsten_Rasmussen, thanks for reaching out!
I have checked with the team and was advised that this will be added by mid-next year.

Hope this helps a bit at least. Cheers!

Hi @Sara , thanks for a quick response. I was hoping for an earlier release, but good to know it’s on the roadmap. Thanks.

And if you need beta testers let me know :wink:

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