Customer specific currencies

A feature which would be helpful would be to be able to set Client or Project currency. There are probably more companies working with customers in multiple countries who would benefit from this option.

Hi, there! Thanks for your suggestion. Some other users also asked for this feature, so we will consider adding it in the future.

Any update on Client/Project currencies? We are looking towards that as well.

+1 Vote for this feature. When could we expect to get this?

+1 I’ve just signed up for free trial, this feature is clearly necessary.

+1 this is a must-have!

Please implement this. It would be also super cool to have base currency and show estimated conversion if project has different currency than base one.

Hi all,

This is still in planning so I’m afraid, there’s no ETA yet. We will be happy to let you know when the feature is released. Thanks for your patience!