Custom Fields

Now you can track anything!

Custom fields allow you to add additional information to time entries in Clockify. This means you can customize Clockify anyway it suits you!.

You can track: expenses, mileage, breaks, overtime, invoice status, number of units, custom dropdowns, quantity, GPS, codes, location, equipment, estimate, deal number, link to ticket, receipts, images, all sorts of IDs (invoice, task, user, project)… and more!

In addition to user data, you can also track project metadata – perfect when you need to analyse data in pivot tables, or when you need to integrate Clockify with external systems via API.

You can try out the feature for free by activating the free 7-day trial (no credit card required).

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  • See and edit the data for visible fields directly in the Detailed report
  • Filter reports by custom fields
  • Edit data in bulk
  • Track custom fields in apps (mobile/desktop)
  • Upload and attach files to time entries
  • Rearrange positions in tracker/timesheet
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Yeah, Great job … but only for Enterprise Users . And what with Premium Users ?
Field for the break should normally be included in each account :roll_eyes:

Hi Erik! Welcome to the Clockify forum.

That’s correct, the Custom Field feature is only available on the Enterprise plan. While there are no plans to enable this feature in the Premium plan as well, you can track breaks in a different way without using a separate field.

To account for breaks it’s best to create a separate entry for break time and categorize these entries either by project or a tag:

  • Create a separate project “Break” where you’ll put all time entries for breaks (or sick leave, holidays, etc.). For example, spent 5h on ProjectA, 3h on ProjectB, and 1h on Break
  • Create a “break” tag and when you start your break time attach the appropriate tag for this time entry.