Custom Fields with weblinks don't work in share report generated html page

If I make a custom field that is a weblink and then paste whatever link I need, it will work within the clockify app itself, but if I make a report and then use the share report function to make a clockify weblink, that custom field portion is not functioning and only displays the default name.

Goal: I am pasting weblinks from Asana tasks I have so that it can quickly take me back to the Asana page if needed. However, this link doesn’t work from the create report page. I only see it within exporting an excel file.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the feedback.

We have forwarded your feedback to our Product team and this is the expected behavior by design since the only clickable field in the shared report is the date picker.

I agree that this would be a very useful addition considering your use case, therefore the internal card was created so our Product team can consider this improvement in future development.


Thanks, Im not sure I like the idea of paying extra for custom fields but then those fields don’t actually display what I put or work correctly at the end.

Thank you for your honest feedback Robert,

Kindly note that an internal card has been created so our Product team can discuss the possibility of adding this functionality in future development. We will let you know about the outcome as soon we get more information from the Product team.

Your vote has been filed for this improvement however at the moment I am not able to make any promises regarding the implementation.