Custom Fields/VAT in Expense Tracking

When we report on expenses as a business, we enter the gross total, and the VAT total when claiming the expense (this helps our accounts team when processing).

Ideally, if we had a VAT field, or just the ability to add a custom field to an expense entry (where we could then put the VAT value) it would solve the issue.

We currently use SmartReceipts for this task, but I’d like to bring it into our Clockify environment to help me better view project time and expenses.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for elaborating on your feature request.

I agree that having an additional custom field for expenses would be very useful for tracking expenses. I have filed your suggestion to our Product team so they can have in mind this feature improvement for future development. For the Time being, I would suggest creating separate VAT categories for expenses.


Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the response. I think adding the VAT as a separate line item (without it being able to reference the specific receipt/expense) would just lead to more confusion.

I’ll need to wait until the Custom Field, or a VAT per expense is added until I can use this for our accounts.

I agree that having a VAT expense category without any reference to expense could be confusing rest assured that your feedback has been forwarded to the Product team so they can have it in mind for future development.


This would be handy for us, as well

We use the note field for now i.e. VAT £1.00