Creating time entries from auto tracking - Questions

When you create an entry from the auto tracking time, does Clockify subtract the idle time from the total duration? This was my assumption but I’m not sure, because it doesn’t appear to retain that datapoint after it’s been converted.

Also the documentation states that the auto time data goes away after 10 days, luckily my data is still in there since July. I’m just going back to make the time entries now, so this is really good. Is there away to make sure that this is the normal function?

The time entries are not tracking the file names which is making it difficult to connect the entries to jobs. Is there a way to get that start working again. I’m using the auto feature instead of the timers for billing purposes.

Hello Bruce,

Thank you for your interesting question. I’ll do my best to answer it.
The auto-tracking feature doesn’t subtract the idle time from the total duration but rather calculates the idle time on a given entry and includes everything together.
Idle detection feature on the other hand can modify the the entry, meaning that you’d be able to choose if you’d like to include that time or not. Feel free to visit this page for more information about the idle time detection: Pomodoro, idle detection, reminders - Clockify Help.

As for your second question, all recorded data is stored locally on your computer and it gets deleted automatically after 7 days, so unless you create some kind of back up, it won’t be possible to preserve that data.

Regarding the file names, I recommend contacting us at, and we’ll troubleshoot it further once you provide us with more information.