Create TimeEntry through API that and make it locked

we are using API to integrate our HR tool with clockify.
Our use case for integration is “vacation”, so when someone applies for vacation in HR tool, this should be created as timeentry in cockify.
Everything works fine so far, but I would like to have created timeEntry as “locked”, so employee cannot change it manually. Is it possible to somehow “lock” the vacation day or this specific time entry via API?
What would be the payload in that case?

Please note that these days are usually in future (we are working with “vacation application”), so we have to “lock” time entries that are planned and in future.

Thanks in advance

Hello! Welcome to the Clockify Forum.

The only feature that would allow locking time in the future would be using the Time Approval, but I am afraid that is not available via API at the moment. I will be happy to share your suggestion with our Team for their review.


Thanks a lot.
Looking forward for the update.

Another thing that might be interesting is to add time for them on a project that they don’t have access to.

For example, if you have PTO project that’s private, and you as admin add a time entry for some user (and that user isn’t part of that project), they won’t be able to duplicate it or edit it via Timesheet.