Create task in clockify when created in JIRA

I don’t think this is possible at the moment?

If you log into JIRA and start a timer, the task will automatically be created in clockify - brilliant.
But you must start the timer from JIRA, Ideally, would like to just use the clockify app to start timers on tasks and even add tasks to JIRA that were created from the clockify app.

Any suggestions welcome even if they’re a bit hacky. The team really want the Clockify app to be their primary method of managing time and tasks but atm I’m having to force them to the JIRA UI. So we are looking at whether other JIRA products which auto-track time based on workflow progress would be better, as the main benefit of clockify if the lovely interface for start/stopping timers.

Hello John,

Thank you for using Clockify Forum!

While you can navigate to the Clockify web browser and start timers for certain tasks without needing to use Jira, I’m afraid that the two-way integration between Clockify and Jira is not available.

You can start the timer in Jira and create the same task in Clockify, but there is no option for Clockify’s task to be sent to Jira.

With that being said, I will make sure to submit a feature request on your behalf for the two-way integration to be considered in the future.