Create a project from template

Is there a way to create a project from a template? I have a project currently set as a template, and would like to create new projects from it using the API.

The only thing I found regarding templates is setting a project as a template with this(which is not what I am looking for):

PATCH /workspaces/{workspaceId}/projects/{projectId}/template


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Hi Jordan,

With the current API documentation is not possible to create a project from the template via API. I will forward your feedback as a feature request to our Product team so they can have it in mind for future development.


+1. Without this I will need to read all the tasks from the project template and then use these when creating my new project, which is a pain. Would be great just to specify a project template ID upon creation of a new project.

Hello Kurren,

Thank you for sharing this with us.

We have forwarded your suggestion to the team so they can review and consider it for future updates of the feature.

Thank you for taking the time to write a comment.


We need this too, please.

Hello Jenny,

Thank you for using the Clockify Forum.

I’ll add your vote for this feature as well.


Definately a useful addition to the API. We’d love to create projects automatically when they are tiggered by our other systems, but they’d need the template specifying.

Hi, is there an update on this? It has been over a year and it would be very useful to have this feature for our company’s automation.