Clocky Pipedrive Integration Problem - "Start Timer" Link Is Shifting The Entire Page


I have been using the Clockify Pipedrive integration to start the tracking of time by clicking on the “Start Timer” link which shows up on the Contacts pages (ex. People, Organizations, etc.) in Pipedrive. This functionality has become an integral part of my workflow and works perfectly.

However, lately this “Start Timer” link has started showing up on top of the “Activities” popup which causes the entire “Activities” popup to awkwardly shift downwards twice each time it is opened.

So what happens is that I open the “Activities” popup to add an activity in Pipedrive, and then the page shifts down slightly, and then shifts down slightly again to display the “Start Timer” link. This is unbelievably aggravating as the shifts downward are delayed and happen EVERY TIME I want to add or edit an activity in Pipedrive.

This linked never used to show up on the “Activities” popup and now suddenyly it does which is bringing me to the point of getting rid of Clockify altogether.

The use of the “On Click” functionality in Chrome is not a suitable alternative as it requires each page to be reloaded for the “Start Timer” link to appear.

Can you please advise on how I can restore functionality to the way it was before – when the “Start Timer” link appeared ONLY on the Contacts pages (ex. People, Organizations, etc.) and NOT on the “Activities” popup?

Thank you.