ClockifyTrayIcons: a project gone wild

This is what happens when you decide to make a project for yourself!

What started as a simple background app to check the status of my Clockify (it powered a Plasmoid [Plasmoids are widgets in the KDE Plasma desktop] that was a customizable switch) ended up growing into something much larger than I had envisioned: a pair of system tray icons that show your Clockify status and allow you to control Clockify. Click on the one with the power symbol to start and stop Clockify; the other one can switch you to break time. (If you don’t have a break time project, you can either treat that button as irrelevant, use it for switching to another common time entry, or make a PR to add customization for that.) It supports swapping between workspaces, API keys, and projects, although not everything is polished off and working perfectly right now (read: workspaces aren’t hot-swappable right now).

This app is written in C++ using Qt, so it should run on pretty much any desktop OS. It requires a minimum of Qt 5.15 and works with Qt 6.

Anyway, I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job of describing it, so here’s a link to the source so you can check it out for yourself: GitHub - ChristianLightServices/ClockifyTrayIcons: A simpler method of controlling Clockify.</titl