Clockify (v2.9.13) Reminder feature not working in MacOS

Reminder is a very helpful feature that’s when it works, which most of the time it doesn’t, not on an iMac (Ventura 13.5.2), anyway. It’s set in Preferences to 10 minutes, 7 days a week from 06:00 to 19:00. Also System Settings > Notifications > Clockify > Allow notifications checked as well as Alerts and all the other Show notifications set correctly. A Clockify online Chat with an, admittedly, very helpful agent provided no solution either.

Might anyone have an answer to this?

Hello Mick,

Could you please attempt to re-install the app and test it out? If that does not help, please reach out to us again at for us to take a closer look at it.


Hi David

Thanks for getting back. The very same helpful online chat agent has provided a solution that,:crossed_fingers:, seems to be working. Apparently, it means disabling Do Not Disturb in System Settings>Focus, a setting that was news to me in the first place.