Clockify Stream Deck Plugin

As a Stream Deck user and developer I couldn’t resist to create a Clockify plugin for the Stream Deck.

The plugin provides a single action, with which you can track, start and stop Clockify timers.
It currently supports Workspaces, Projects, Tasks and custom Timer names.

Currently the plugin only works on Windows, but a macOS version is in development.

Download Latest Release

If you have any questions or requests, let me know! :slight_smile:



  • Added support for tracking Project Tasks
  • Switched to a self-contained build, thus the .NET 5 runtime is no longer required


  • Allow for use in Stream Deck multi-actions
  • Added support for workspaces with more than 50 projects


  • Fixed input validation problem
  • Updated dependencies


Initial release

Update 1.4 has been released, which adds support for macOS :partying_face: