Clockify Safari extension for Mac

The Clockify extension for Chrome is not a reason to switch to Chrome on a mac. Would it be possible for Clockify to offer a Safari mac extension?
Clockify offers a desktop app for Mac with a menu to bring it forward but it brings you to another workspace than the one you are in it and … does not prefill the data as the Chrome extension does.

Hi Benedict and welcome to Clockify Forum!

There are actual plans to add the Safari extension. We don’t have an ETA at the moment, but thanks for your suggestion!
Please refer to a colleague from the Support Team regarding the bring-to-front option, and they will further assist you with this. As we don’t deal with issues on Forum. And thanks for understanding.


Hi Team,

do you have any news about Safari extension. Thanx

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Hi there,

Thank you for following up with us.

I’ve reached out to the team and they have informed me that for now we don’t have an exact ETA for Safari extension, since this would require developing a whole new app, which will be possible for the team to do so sometime in the future, but not at the moment.

I can only suggest to follow our roadmap to stay informed about future plans on Clockify.