Clockify PTO Time format

Why does clockify pto api return the time between 21:00 - 21:00 instead of 00:00 - 00:00?


The start and end times in the payload are adjusted for your time zone. If you are in a +3 UTC timezone, it will show you the payload in your local time, while the UTC time that’s registered in the system would be 00:00:00 - 23:59:59 in this case.

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I am also confused by the PTO API.

@Aleksandar you said the PTO API returns UTC adjusted for time zone. So it should the return payload should match my local time (as displayed for example in Clockify GUI). But rn I have a 1 hour shift in for hourly as well as full day events (this may be due to daylight savings?).
But in summer (2023) I still had the shift, but there only for multi day events. This leaves me very confused.

I just want to access the Api, and put time off requests into an external calendar with the correct time. But it is not UTC and it is not a consistent daylight savings difference for all events.

I’d be happy if someone could bring some light into this!

Hello Ingo,

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I can see that you have reached out to the Support team, so you can expect my colleague to assist you there.


Support told me:
The requests that users sent are sent from the timezone that is specified in the profile settings, while the response in our API is always UTC.

This is in contrast to the answer of @Aleksandar above. I won’t understand why you did not clarify this in the Forum for other people to read.