Clockify MS Planner stopped working


All of a sudden, Clockify has stopped working in MS planner. Up until Friday, the Start button was injected into the cards on the front of the card which no longer exists now.

Is there a change that was made? Anything I should try?

I have disabled some of the other plugins.
Rebooted my machine
Fiddled with the Clockify settings

Thank you.

Hello there,

Thank you for using Clockify!

Can you please try clearing the cache and cookies from your browser, and see if that fixes the issue?

I hope this resolves it, but if the issue persists, we’re here to assist you.


thanks @Uros - did that but no joy.
Going to delete the extension and add it again

No joy deleting the extension and adding it back @Uros

Up the next morning and it is working again @Uros - thanks

Happy to see it is now working again!

Thank you for using Clockify.