Clockify & Time tracker

Hi there, the company I work for uses both and Clockify.
Monday . com doesn’t have a time tracked as user-friendly as Clockify so I’m trying to get them to use Clockify to track the time instead. I thought I’ve solved the problem when I’ve found out about “Monday Time Tracking Integration - Clockify” [Monday Time Tracking Integration - Clockify].
BUT I might have got some steps wrong because the time tracked by Clockify doesn’t appear to be linked in any way to the project allocated time on Monday . com. Which defeat the purpose of all exercise.
Can you tell me how to get Clockify to record the tracked time onto the Monday . com tasks?
Many thanks.
Kindest regards,

Hi Valentina,
Thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile:
The integration Clockify has with all other apps including Monday works vice versa, you track time from Monday tasks, and a time entry gets created in Clockify.
If you were, however, saying that you can’t track time in Monday and have a time entry created in Clockify, let us know via email at and we’ll do our best to help.
Kind regards,