Clockify Gitlab integration questions

Hello everyone,

I have some questions regarding Clockify time in gitlab.

  1. I tried using Clockify timer in gitlab and the time recorded will appear in the Time Tracker tab. I can then assign a project for each task. However, I notice that this task will not appear in the Project tab. In this way, I could not keep track of total time spend on one task by multiple person.

  2. If more than 1 person is using the clockify timer in gitlab on the same task, will the total time be compiled together in the report? Currently, due to question 1,I’m unable to see time spent on each task.

Thank you.

Hi there!

Clockify browser extension will pick up the title of the GitLab issues and merge requests as a Clockify time entry description, not as a task. Tasks are subprojects and they appear on the projects tab and are available for preselection, while time entry descriptions are notes about a specific time entry assigned to a project/task.


Hopefully, this clarifies it!

Hi Jovana,

Thank you for your response. Can I check if the Clockify browser extension can pick the project name from Gitlab and automatic fill in the second column?


Thank you!

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This would be a great feature! it’s a bit annoying to have to select the project every time I start the timer…