Clockify Chrome extension - bugs found in searchbar and custom numeric fields

Hello there!

I’ve been working with clockify for a while now and the performance of the web application seems to work just fine, but I have detected that the Google Chrome Extenion presents some issues that do not happen in the web application.

The bugs found in the Chrome extension are the following:
1- When configuring a custom numeric field as mandatory the extension does not allow to stop the time tracker if the numeric field value setted is = 0 (When the user introduces the 0 value and clicks “STOP”, the extension opens again the detailed view of the time entry instead of stopping the time tracker).

2- The Job/Task searchbar does not filter results to display only the Tasks that include the keyword written in the searchbar (The only way that I’ve found to bypass this issue is to close and open again the Job/Task dropdown and the results appear already filtered).

Please, can you check these issues?

Kind regards

Hello @daniel.vergara

Please get in touch with us at so we can investigate this issue further.


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