Clockify app is down again. What happen?

Hi there,

It has been hours that I cannot access and/or cannot login Clockify app through my Android smartphone, Windwos browser and Windows app, this happened once few months ago. I can only accesss Android Smartphone Clockify app offline mode in a limited way, so…, what happen?

A screenshot of Clockify app in my Micro Edge browser

Still down, what happen?

Hello there,

We are currently up and running. Here’s our System status page.

Would you kindly contact for further investigation?


Okay, I will contact the email people in there, I still cannot access Clockify app, either through desktop browser or Android app.

I did not expect that this is an “only me” case while it is a multiple-devices issue and Clockify webpage is a blank…

I sent an email message to the email you gave me, and then I received a reply to last night local time, early this afternoon, I checked into the email again, and a phrasing of your colleague inspired me this time and I quote "Could you please tell me if your phone and PC are using the same network perhaps?
", hence I recalled the advice of one of my associates who is in information security that goes “reset Wi-Fi network”, so I tried and it worked, it turned out to be some sort of issue in my internet collection, it is just something strange that this situation affected only Clockify app, not anything else. Anyway, thanks for your time, the problem solved.

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Hi KC,

Thank you for the update, glad that prompt helped!

If you ever need any assistance in the future, do not hesitate to reach out, we will be here for you.


Will do, thank you, keep up the good works.

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I sent another email back approx. 24 hours ago, the issue came back again. Please assist.

By chance, I found that Clockify app is back from Edge browser, for now…all by itself.

That was a 10-day problematic period of my Clockify account loggin since March 9th.