Clockify and JIRA Database -- linked or separate?

I’m interested in the Clockify Jira integration. I was wondering, let’s say I am tracking my time through the JIRA card and that is automatically saving to Clockify. However, if someone comes and refreshes the JIRA database (let’s say I’m working on a previous snapshot of a different JIRA database, and it refreshes to a new snapshot), will I lose all of my work that was already logged to Clockify? Is that information store separately or is it linked to JIRA (eg, if the data is replaced or removed on JIRA, does it disappear from Clockify)

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Please note that once you stop the timer in Jira, time entry is saved to your Clockify account, and no changes in Jira will reflect time entry in Clockify.
However, if you need to make any changes, you can do that manually from your Clockify account.

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